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[TUTORIAL-REQUEST] Tutorial for CE + IDA (etc.)

  • I've been programming for a while, and I've had a lot of people who ask me questions about writing scripts and doing pretty mundane stuff. It's relatively bothersome, and sometimes kind of gets on my nerves a bit when I'm doing something a bit more important, (I'm always happily willing to help anyone who needs it, btw), and sadly I'm a perpetrator of this same thing. I ask people (Alex G. and Unknown mostly :laughing:) about doing stuff with memory because I don't (fully) understand the concept of it. It would be a huge help if someone from the community who knows a tidbit about memory editing could make a C++ (and I could translate to C#) tutorial on memory editing. Things such as:

    • Finding values in CE (Cheat Engine)
    • Using the address for that value in other programs to view that memory region's code.
    • Generating patterns to get to that address.
    • Going into C++ to get/set the value at that address.

    That sounds like a lot to ask, but baby steps, right? This would be a huge help to me, and a lot of the other moderately experienced programmers looking to take their mods to the next level, without piggybacking off of other peoples code and such-and-such. "Teach a man to fish..." etc.

    Thank you for your time, cheers!

  • Hai man, that's a great topic...
    Well, about 2 or 3 years ago I created a small trainer for Mafia II using C# and Cheat Engine.
    It worked pretty on first run, but when the user died ,for example, the trainer stopped to work, maybe the addresses changed.

    For this I watched some tutorials on Youtube and studied some open source files available on the web. You probably did this, anyway, good luck dude.

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