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Replacing a car?

  • Wanted to know, How can I replace a car (MOD) for a car in the game, not just add, I wanted to replace, to spawn in the street automatically, like normal cars Game Traffic.

    because these new mods, It appears only if you type the command, and I wanted it to be like the other GTAs, you put the car (MOD) and appear on the street alone.

    Example: replace a Bugatti (MOD) in place of the Adder

    Excuse my English, translated in Google Translate, I speak Portuguese, thank you.

  • @Misterchamps just rename the .ytd and .ytf into the car you want to replace, in this case the "adder" and replace those files .
    don't forget to create a "mods" folder, so you wont get banned in online mode...

  • @Misterchamps there is an easier way now, download THIS and you can just drop replace cars in a folder and poof it works...

  • @masterschwag OMG ! Always looked for a MOD thus more organized, thanks man.
    It would also be very good if one day lancecem a mod for GTA 5 similar to that of GTA 4 (http://zip.net/bmtr0F) That was an automatic installation, but this is already very good

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