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Searching for a partner in car/ped/structures modifications

  • Hello, i would like to begin to create real quality mods, that doesn't take away the performance at any point, including maximum details at no graphic cost.

    I live in brazil, which is irrelevant btw, i can speak engligh and i carry on with the spanish.

    as i'm studying really hard, a "hand" would be very appreciated (maybe even a team if we manage to create real good stuff, and if there is a good feedback). At this point, i'm not looking for money, but to increase the overall performance in the game, with no quality loss.

    Let's make first contact from here, then we can think about a way for easy communication.

    I'm very sorry if this is not the specific section to post this, the admins can move it as they like.

    Love all

  • @modworker12 Sent you a message that should help you out :)

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