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  • I was wondering if anyone would make some non ELS Police vehicles cause the ones I saw in here are no longer on here anymore the auther JJdawkins has removed them all and I don't think he is posting on here anymore I guess no one is making mods on here that much anymore ? whats going on? well I would like to see some NON ELS Police Vehicles if that's even possible? thanks

  • What exactly do you mean ELS police?What?

  • @EnderTinkerer I mean police vehicles that don't use ELS mods I found a few but there not on here anymore I take it you don't know what is a NON ELS police vehicles are?

  • well do anyone know where to get non els police cars

  • LCPDFR.com would probably be your best bet. Largest collection of emergency vehicles for GTA IV and V.

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