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Getting everything to work back again

  • Hey there fellow Modders,

    I'd like to ask if you have any tips on how to make (most) mods work with GTA V, given massive problems connected to the stupid Rockstar updates that keep gushing in to our hard drives. It seems every time an update comes, I'm just clenching my teeth, placing bets on what is going to stop working next.

    I haven't been playing GTA for several months now! When I launched it back, a large update and nasty surprise came - I could not run any of the "character vehicle" mods I previously had installed (and running successfully).

    So my two questions would be:

    • Is it possible to somehow turn off Rockstar updates?
    • How can I get "The Character Vehicle Mod [.NET] (w/ Trunk Weapons)" and/or "Replace Character Vehicles 0.5" mods to work? They were still fully operational in June 2017 I think...

    What is also puzzling me is that a very old Crusaders trainer and the Vigilante mission mod are working as good as they ever did. Even after this huge months-worth update came. They doesn't seem to be affected at all.

    Sooo... any comment on that? Don't be afraid to ask question - this is quite general info up there. :grin:

    I should probably mention that I reinstalled the whole game from scratch and having hard time to figure out where all the utilities should go. Native UI goes to script folders while Script Hook does not...? Or the other way round? It's a mess top to bottom. :dizzy_face:

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