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Installing ASI Loader (dinput8.dll) gives me zlib Error in GTA V

  • Hello,
    I have just started modding and i have just got MENYOO and TrainerV. Both Modmenu's use ASI. But if i install ASI Loader through OpenIV, I get the zlib error in GTA. Uninstalling ASI Loader gets rid of the error, but i cant use any menu's i have installed.
    I have already reinstalled GTA V and all plugins.

    I removed the Mods Folder, which helped but the game crashed after about 10 minutes off playing and restarting just crashes with error code 80000003.

    Oh and removing all Mod related files gives me the launcher error 107.

  • menyoo wont work on the new update and mafins (creator of menyoo) cant update it until late february/early march. uninstall menyoo and u should be gucci

  • But as i stated, i also used TrainerV which does work with the latest update :)
    And i have fixed the zlib error, through reinstalling the x64.rpf's files, but the game now crashes with Error 107 now

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