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I wish we could disable comments and ratings altogether on demand

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    @krissboo kinda how things work in the real world kiddo. you don't get points for second place and there are no participation trophies. being in the business I'm in ( automotive restoration ) there's no such thing as "good enough" or "close enough" and people who aren't up to the task are asked to leave the shop quickly. I have very HIGH standards and they carry through to everything I do in my life. I just don't accept "mediocrity" in any of its forms. life's way to short for "close enough". so if my criticisms are harsh, so sorry. but they are fair, and they are HONEST.

    whilst I may appear be a bit aggressive to some, it's the exact reason I get paid ( quite well ) for building amazing (real) cars. weak or wishy washy never captures first place, and first place is truly all that matters. I mean, why would you strive to do anything less than your absolute level best ?

    being a real grown up, with real responsibilities other than school, I have limited gaming time. sometimes I get short breaks, such as now, but generally I have a few hrs a week to game, if that. now between updates ( rock*/mods/etc.etc ) I spend a percentage of that maintaining game integrity. ~ an hour or so off the bat. trying out new mod/installing( takes longer if you build custom dlc's vs. just dumping dlc after dlc in the game) a lot of the time I could be be doing sick police chases and trashing cars I'd normally be getting paid to restore is spent chasing sketchy mods.

    In my time here I've seen some whacky ass shite. people upvoting mods simply because they thought the review previous was to "harsh" (honest) comes to mind. I look to the comments to see what the real story is. you know as well as I do there are some mods that advertise wayyyyyyy more than they deliver. so if I waste 20 minutes of my time installing a new mod that promises "xyz" and delivers "f" , ya, it's irritating. it would be to any normal person.

    I guess it boils down to honesty and integrity. try having some. if somebody clearly states on a mod ( just an example ) " I'm a total noob at this, blah, blah, blah try my junk" or "BETA" is always a good place to start. just be upfront " yo my shit prolly ain't gonna work right, but help me out " simple. no ? but if someone is like "SUPERDUPER UHQ UHQ SO SLICK CHECK IT OUT" and it turns out the be junk, I have no mercy. you lied. small lie, big lie, white lie blah blah blah, you lied. I find that incredibly irritating.

    whatever, I'm abrasive. this I know, but if you present yourself as having integrity and desire to be number 1, then I'm in total support and will offer nothing but encouragement. seems to be the way of the world now, celebrating and rewarding mediocrity. not just here, but everywhere.

  • @racer-x said in I wish we could disable comments and ratings altogether on demand:

    so if my criticisms are harsh, so sorry. but they are fair, and they are HONEST. .

    You haven't even tested my mods but yet you judge over them as being shite or mediocre at best. That is NEITHER FAIR NOR HONEST!

  • @racer-x As you have not shown that you've tested either relevant mods, you've only read one comment from one person, you have no grounds to insult the author's entire work. Don't make any other posts in this thread.

  • @Jitnaught @Cyron43 I have no idea why he chose to reply to me telling me just how special he is and basically just bigging himself up. I must admit I nearly replied with the classic "cool story bro" - but I hate that phrase so I won't use it!!

  • @krissboo Talking ABOUT someone while that someone is in the same room is belittling. That's why arrogant people do this. This and he thinks he can say "what do you want? I wasn't even talking about you." but I'm not as dumb as he thinks. We just need to put all his replies together, which he made in my thread.

  • @racer-x 1. Since when can you compare Car restoration with GTA Mods? 2. Who cares if they are your standards, maybe other people are fine with it? Maybe they like it as it is and are happy to invest some time to make it work and aren't "sh!t not working" and give half star rating because they aren't willing to put time into it and at least try to to make the mods work themselves. Your attitude would be kinda understandable, if you paid for a mod but all of this is free and people invest their free time so other people can enjoy it as well.

    At some point though you reached the game's limit and neither of the parties is really the one responsible. Just my 2 cents to this. And this "take it or not go away" Motto is nothing really bad as the mod devs don't have to help you but they do as they want to get it done working for you as well, like @Cyron43 did but in the end people seem to be too stupid to understand that it may be their fault and not the mod creators.

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    @Kwebbl just as well, I have never associated with or been interested individuals that think "ok" is good enough. but to make more of a point, how can anyone enjoy anything that has glaring inaccuracies, mistakes, or is just plain buggy ? personally, I would not want my name associated with sub-par work.there are a LOT of mods that I would love to have in my game, and they are right here on this and other sites. but I don't choose to use them because of what ever issue they might have. some people call it being picky. I call it having having a clear and defined "minimum standard" if the mod doesn't look better than a vanilla vehicle (in quality, perform every function from paint to breaking glass, etc etc.) it doesn't go in my game.

    also, if you make anything (music, mods, whatever) you are always going to have critics. it's the way of the world. you can't be a thin-skinned emo about it. as the saying goes
    "if you're gonna stick it out, you can't be afraid to get it cut off" <--------I'm guessing none of you will understand that..

  • @racer-x Your definition of "critiquing" could be compared to trying to watch a movie on your laptop but you're unable to as the video player you have installed is corrupted, then blaming it on the movie.

    Obviously this thread is going nowhere. Locked.

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