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plz help with openiv.asi installation

  • hi everyone.
    i have problem with installation of openiv.asi.
    it says me to restart programm and try again every time.
    idk what to do plz help me.

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    Not sure about this but here WiNgNuTz said he fixed something similar with:

    "A fresh boot of windows to ensure no processes are using the game folder, and disabling any Antivirus allows the ASI loader to be installed"

    Here is a link to the OpenIV page WiNgNuTz posted his question on. I notice user Niki says this did not fix it for them. If you're in the same boat I would post your question there too & see if someone can help :thumbsup:

    If you can't find a normal solution I am pretty sure OpenIV keeps a copy of 'dinput8.dll', 'openCameraV.asi' & 'OpenIV.asi' here:

    C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\New Technology Studio\Apps\OpenIV\Games\Five\x64\OpenIV.asi

    You could try installing them manually (copy & paste), they all go in your main GTA V folder (were your GTA V exe is) :thumbsup: Best of luck

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