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IPhone & Android App

  • It would be great to get an app for this so we could get direct notifications and such on mobile!

  • I don't really think a mobile application is relevant for the site so I haven't focused on it much. That said, I started working on Chrome notifications (both desktop and mobile) in the past and will continue work on it soon.

  • That's more along the lines of what I was thinking of. Wanted something to notify me of notifications, as for a mobile app, if Rockstar ever does anything relevant to the gta modding community again, like gta v mobile or something, who knows?

  • Loving the idea of getting notifications on mobile!

  • @rappo One other compliment I meant to give earlier was that I love how you have two distinct sites; one for mods and one for forums. And ONLY for gta v mods. It can get frustrating looking for a specific thing, having to search through forums and mods for several different gta games. So kudos. Like I said earlier, only downside was not being able to get notifications from the other site. Looking forward to seeing an update!

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