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Add-on Vehicles spawn with weird texture

  • I used this mod to add a police vehicle on GTA V 1.0.1180.2 but when I spawn it it has a weird texture. I added the Unmarked Impala as fbi3 into mpchristmas2, using this vehicles.meta line and the fbi carvariations line from carvariations.ymt. I didn’t get a screenshot of the textures on the Impala and I’ll get some and upload it when I get home, but basically the entire body is some weird green with black dots thing, the windows are pure black, and the rear windshield has the dials texture on it. Also all of the emergency lights are pure white.

    Here’s some screenshots of other police vehicles that had a similar problem with the windows but not the body.
    Why does it have to be a link
    alt text

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    I think this is happening because the '<modelName>fbi3</modelName>' & the '<txdName>fbi</txdName>' are different. I'm pretty sure they have to be the same.
    Just make a copy of 'fbi.ytd', rename it to 'fbi3.ytd' reinsert it into the game & then also change the <txdName> line in your vehicles.meta to '<txdName>fbi3</txdName>'.
    I'm guessing your using this car? If so, there is an additional FBI skin here that might interest you. :thumbsup:

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