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[Vechicle] Calling all texturers, modelers and scripters

  • Hello everybody.

    We, as the Official GTA Online Discord are developing our very own FiveM server. Therefore I came here to ask for assistance from all the professionals and passionate people that have interest in here.

    The Official GTA Online Discord, counting over 22.000 members and rising, I myself am one of the few responsible for creating their content and providing them with fresh things for everybody to enjoy.
    This request though is a call of help to everyone with experience in modeling, scripting and texturing so we can provide the best possible experience for everyone that is there to join us to have a great time.

    You can contact us via Discord anytime either at Lexaeus#6692 or Funnypig#7230 and we will be happy to not only have you here to assist, but also introduce you to the staff and situation on our server.

    If all things go well, I'll be more than obliged to pay in return for your time and assistance you've given us.

    With regards,
    The GTA Online Discord Team.


    What exactly are you looking for

  • @Reacon For example a Cop version of the Pegassi Reaper.
    Basically a few police lights sticked onto it and a fitting livery, you know.

    Other than that, if you don't mind, contact Funnypig via Discord and he can give you the exact list of what we need help with.

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