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My menyoo cant save any file .

  • I just installed all brand new scripthook and scripthookvdotnet , with and updated menyoo trainer. But when i make a new map with menyoo, and i want to save it, it gives me this "fatal, cant find native" . Please somebody help me . Or anybody who has a collection of menyoo along with scripthookv and thats mothafuka scripthookdot net. Please, can u send me at my email.😂😂😂 i tell u guysthis menyoo is a savage u know? I spend 6hours creating a map, suddenly when i wanna save it, thats "toingggg" sound came up and i knew that apocalypse has arrived. Haha😂 somebody helpppppppp

  • thats probably because menyoo isnt compatible with the current version of GTA V. The creator stated there will be an update in February

  • Are you sure you have the latest GTA V patch (or at least one that came out in 2017)?

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