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Help me turn a police car replacement pack into an addon?

  • Refer to this thread at:

    Basically, this pack I want to install replaces my sheriff and fbi cars and I don't want it to. Rather, I'd like to have police-police12 as a separate dlcpack/addon pack. I'd be more than happy to pay for someone's help!

    If you're just that generous, feel free to guide me in the process or you can just do it for me!


    Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, feel free to move it or something!


    @seniorpepper have you already downloaded a police car add-on from the site? Do so, look inside the archive dlc.rpf to see how it's set up.

    Adding more cars into an existing dlc isn't that hard once you learn how to edit the meta files inside. Drag the meta files out to your desktop for editing.

    Eg the sheriff you want to add, rename the yft and ytd files to sheriff3 and add lines in vehicles.meta and carvariations.meta for that sheriff3 using the link from the normal sheriff via copy-paste-rename.

    If you want the car to chase you, you'll also have to replace the sheriff for sheriff3 in dispatch.meta. That file controls which police car dispatches.

  • I already have a sheriff and FBI pack that I don't want to replace. I don't have a police car addon pack that goes up to police12. I just want to turn that replacement car pack into an addon one for police-police12 :)

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