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Site EXTREMELY Slow for Some Regions.

  • Hello,

    I live in South Korea, and I love the mods you've been providing us. However for some reason, the site has become terribly slow these days, and the download keeps on stopping with an error that tells me "Failed - Network Error". My internet is very fast and I've tried other sites and they all worked fine. Just this site specifically I have problems with. I believe that the region is the one that is causing this problem. Is there a way to fix this? Also, could you upload these mods so that I could download and use them? I really want them but I just couldn't because of the slow speed and errors.




    Thank you :) !

  • I don't know if this issue is only happening on some regions or at specific hours of heavy load (or maybe the site is very often targeted by DDoS attacks?), but I can notice the same problem in France since almost a month —having an average ADSL landline connection—, never encountered such almost permanent heavily slow site loading/downloading before and since GTA5-Mods was launched at the early days of GTA V modding.

    Does the admins have an eventual answer to this problem?


    To clarify, are you saying the site itself is slow (e.g. long page loading times) or are you saying downloads are slow?

    When you say "slow", what are we talking here? If it's page load times, is it taking a long time to connect to pages (e.g. the page remains white/blank for a long time, then loads quickly once it finally does load) or is it taking a while for images to load? And if so, how long in seconds is it taking?

    Is it happening all the time or just some of the time (e.g. evenings and weekends)?

    We're on the exact same setup that 5Mods has been using since 2015, only we're paying about twice as much as before as we've doubled the resources on all our servers to try and prevent this exact thing from happening.

    We don't have an answer to this problem because, up until 11 hours ago, we didn't even know it was a problem as no one else had reported it. When I'm browsing the site here in the UK pages load as close to instantly as makes no difference.

  • Hello Dark0ne (nice to see you are also the admin of GTA5-Mods besides the Nexus sites!) :)

    In my case I would mean that the whole site (images, pages contents such as texts and graphics, downloads; except the CSS layout which load immediately) can take up to two minutes to load per page, whatever the area of the site. The forums are also affected but by a lesser extend.

    The only time when the site (and also the forums) is loading normally —based on my average semi-rural ADSL connection— is from late night to usually around midday, GMT+1.

    I tried with differents web browsers (Firefox ESR, Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi and Safari) on both Windows 10 and macOS Sierra, but the same issue happens.

    Strange problem indeed... :/

  • @UsernameNotRequired @Dark0ne

    Just piping in as the main page has been doing this for me for the last few hours. Very slow or fails to load some images on main page and some mod pages, forum loads fine tho.

    alt text

    alt text


    @krissboo is the page loading fast (e.g. the text) but the images loading slowly? If so, it could be our image server as images are handled on a separate server to the sites themselves. And @UsernameNotRequired is that the same for you?

  • @Dark0ne Earlier (maybe an hour after krissboo posted) I wasn't able to see any pictures of the BMW M5, but am able to now.

  • @Dark0ne @Jitnaught I just checked and everything works for me now.

  • yes me too and i live in indonesia at first the download its fast but after awhile its getting slower especially when in indonesia is getting dark its maybe 10 am in america, 300mb files for 9 hour? ffs but i tried in other gta mod web its totally fine but not as complete as this web

  • i was trying to download the gangs of los santos and world of variety for some reason its always failed network and i was checking my internet it was all fine

  • Banned

    Gangs of Los Santos is part of World of Variety. You don't need both.

    Also, it's advisable to make your own thread instead of hijacking someone else's.

  • I'm experiencing "Web site under heavy load" error rarely but it doesn't last long. After 2-3 minutes it comes back to normal. The times seems to random.


    @Aurora11 thats because lots of users are trying to access the site at once, just refresh and it should let you in

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