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My trainer won't open anymore when i try to spawn some cars who also don't spawn

  • Hello guys, i have a problem with some cars that i installed, they don't spawn and my trainer won't open anymore when i try to spawn these cars (ENT)

    I use "Enhanced Native Trainer"(https://fr.gta5-mods.com/scripts/enhanced-native-trainer-zemanez-and-others) and i also have "native trainer" installed (the one who cames with ScriptHook)

    I tried other trainers, they don't "freeze" like ENT, but they tell me that the car is spawned but there isn't any car around

    This is not all my cars, a have maybe 10 cars installed and it's just 2 of them (all my cars are installed as Addons, i replaced the gameconfig file with this one : https://fr.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars)

    here are two cars for example that don't work for me:


    Can someone help me please ? thx a lot

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    This problem happens when there is a mistake in one of the .meta files for the vehicle. I can't remember which but have experienced this problem a few times when messing/moving vehicles about. As far as I can remember the mistake is most likely to be in 'vehicles.meta', if not then 'handling.meta'. I've had it happen to planes so it is unlikely it has anything to do with carcols (but I can't rule it out). Just can't remember exactly what it was each time I fixed it?!

    I've just downloaded & installed the add-on of the 16Challenger by tk0wnz & can confirm there are no mistakes in the files & the car spawns perfectly fine.

    Try downloading it again & reinstalling it:

    16challenger 'dlc.rpf' from extracted '_Addon' folder goes here:


    Line in dlclist.xml should look like this (if it's written at bottom of file):


    & that's it. Nothing more. That's all you need to get an add-on car to spawn ingame.
    Load game. Spawn with name '16challenger' & tell me what happens?

    Are you sure you installed just the add-on? Did nothing more than I have outlined above? Because if you have a replaced challenger targeting another cars meta files (gauntlet etc) or you have messed with the cars settings (vehicle/handling.meta) & something is missing you are very likely to get the exact problem you are experiencing. I only ask because I notice the readme is a bit confusing showing multiple replace methods.

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