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[SCRIPT] Ability to Use Lifts (Elevators) In-Game

  • Hello,
    Just yesterday I realised that you can't use the elevators in-game. (You can use them in certain missions (e.g. the FIB heist, The Big Score Heist)) If you use the Open-All-Interiors mod, you can go into some of the buildings with functioning elevators. But you can't use them in like the parking garage in Pillbox Hill, Downtown or any of the tram stations (excluding Pillbox South, Davis and Puerto Del Sol). So what I'm looking for is a script that allows you to use any of the elevators in the game.

  • @HappyPizza64 Depends, do you mean as teleporters?

  • @Derpy-Canadian Well, sort of. Like a menu would pop up and then your character would do an animation of pressing the button. Then you would be teleported to your desired floor.

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