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Can someone please help me with gta mods again (used to be very very good)

  • Okay so at the very start of 2017 i started modding on gta 5 and i was very good at it (with 89% of the mods i got)
    i got them working no problem (also i couldnt get any mods working with the social club launcher so i got a gta no launcher), but i had alot of problems with the way i set out my mod file so i decided to delete both my modded gta 5 file and the file i placed my mods in and was going to restart both of them.

    I got caught up with other games and one day i went back to try to mod, so i downloaded "ScriptHookV" and "ScriptHookVDotNet" along with "Simple Trainer V" but i never got around to adding them to my gta modded folder. So some time passed and the doomsday update came and i started to mod again (or try to at least) and my mods did not work!!! After a lot of trials (with the social club launcher) SO....i decided to use another launcher and GUESS WHAT?!?!!?!......nothing is working.

    Can someone please please help me, i just want to have fun with mods in my favourite game again :( :(

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