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Spawning Cars in TrainerV crashes GTA

  • I have mutiple vehicles added to the game, but after a random crash, my game crashes when I try to spawn any vehicle with TrainerV!
    If i try to spawn them by name, it just says "Invalid Model"

    -GTA Version:
    -I have reinstalled ASI Loader, OpenIV, OpenIV.asi, TrainerV, ScripthookV and GTA5.exe
    -I dont have any script mods installed
    -There were no errors in any mod log file

    If i have "dlclist.xml" unedited from /mods/update/update.rpf/common/data i can spawn all vehicles from the standard game. If i change "dlclist.xml" to add my Add-On Vehicles, i can only spawn vehicles, that are standard in Story Mode.

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