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Scripthook V Error Message

  • Greetings all,

    So I am new to modding GTA V and it seems it is a lot harder to mod than Skyrim or Fallout 4 were. I am trying to make a new playthrough using mods that make the single player campaign more realistic and immersive. Using real world car replacers, so forth and so on. I watched a tutorial on YouTube and it pretty much said that Scripthook V is pretty much essential to installing any mods. So I followed the directions, installing Open IV, Scripthook V, Scripthook V dot NET, etc. and modified the files as directed.

    The problem is the game won't run and keeps spitting out this error message.....

    0_1515393657374_ScreenHunter 1900.jpg

    I don't understand why I am getting this message as I have the Steam version of GTA V so I know that is the most recent version, so is Scripthook V in need of a new release? I downloaded the link on this site (which sends you to http://dev-c.com anyways).

    Any insight as to what the issue is would be very much appreciated as I would like to start a playthrough of single player modded with some mods I like as Online play has grown very stale as of late (just my opinion, but it has turned into one long endless grind).

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    Should be here: http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/ you download from so looks like you were in the right place (although the newest version (1.0.1290.1) doesn't look to be supported in your screenshot).
    Try downloading & installing again.

    Scripthook 1.0.1290.1 direct download link here: http://www.dev-c.com/files/ScriptHookV_1.0.1290.1.zip

    Place 'dinput8.dll' (<asi loader) & 'ScriptHookV.dll' in your main GTA V folder (where .exe is located). You don't need 'NativeTrainer.asi' if you are using another trainer.

    "You must delete previous asi loader version (dsound.dll) if you have one installed."

  • @JonaQ

    weird, I already downloaded that version because when I moved it into the directory I am storing mods in it overwrote the zip file. The crazy thing is it actually worked though and not getting the critical error message anymore. Now to get a replacement car pack that works so I can replace all the GTA 5 cars with real life ones.

    I am going to install one mod at a time and keep checking to make sure they work....I already installed one car pack but it was messed up, some of the cars were not replaced (noticed the Ubermach Sentinel was not converted to a BMW like it should have been) and none of the cars actually replaced the old names. The Ruiner was still called that even though the model was an IROC Z Camaro. Also one of the models was completely messed up the doors and trunks were not attached correctly for some odd reason.

    Thanks for the advice, I now have some testing to do...hopefully no more problems arise but if they do I know I can post here and get some help :)

    Edit: I spoke too soon.....same error message just popped up, but I think it has something to do with the car replacer pack I am trying to install....(an 850 car addon pack with replacements from YouTube). Anyone know of a replacer pack that is easy to install and won't cause game issues?

  • @darkphoenix1974 Those car packs can be hazardous to you game anyway. Most third party vehicles are high poly and don't provide any LOD versions. To make it short, they can eat up your graphics memory to a point where the game crashes. So I wouldn't recommend those packs.
    Since you are new to GTA V modding, here's a heads up: You can not add a limitless amount of addon cars (I'm not talking about replacements here). Even with a modified game config like this one (which I recommend) -> https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gameconfig-xml-dilapidated
    the amount is not without a limit.

  • @Cyron43

    Yeah, I don't much care about the amount of vehicles it was just the most recent version of THAT mod. So that is why I tried it. I'd really just like to replace all the Vanilla vehicles (which I think there are about 200 or so preferably with vehicles they were trying to imitate) and then work from there just adding ones I like that are extra. I do have an Nvidia Titan Black video card and 64GB of RAM so that reduces the worry from crashes from running out of memory (I do know it doesn't eliminate it). Thanks for the link to the game config. :)

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    It really is worth going one car at a time. You want to learn how the handling.meta, vehicles.meta, carcols.ymt/meta & carvariations.ymt/meta all work together. This will allow you to build your own car pack, change add-ons to replace & vice versa, workaround a lot of problems etc. I can't tell you how many vehicles I've had to fix in some way to get them working fully in game.
    I use Easy Mod Folder (EMF) to replace cars. It works very well for what I want & it's handy having all replace cars & their upgrades in one folder. Note: You still do have to install handling, vehicles, carcols & carvariations in the same place & same way as you would do it manually (ie Find them & replace lines. They don't go in the EMF folder .rpfs archives)

    Hint: You can use 'Crtl+F3' to search for files in OpenIV

    As for you ruiner/iroc-z the display name of the cars is stored in 'vehicles.meta'


    but I think it is easier to edit them in 'global.gxt'. I haven't done any renaming yet so can't comment past knowing it exists. It's worth taking the time to research it as there may be ways I am not aware of :thumbsup:
    Here's a tutorial outlining the 'global.gxt' way (Note: it is over a year old)

    & also a link to a mod for changing car names:
    https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/real-car-names-russian (don't worry, if you scroll down it is in English). As mentioned, I haven't done this but feedback suggests this mod might be a good way to rename cars. Take your time though & find a way that works for you :thumbsup:

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