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how can use mod in gta?

  • How can use mod in gta??

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    This would be good place to start:
    It's worth your time reading & learning a little bit before venturing into modding GTA. :thumbsup:
    Most important advice is to use a 'mods' folder (ie don't mod your default game files, mod duplicates in a 'mods' folder that you create in your main GTA folder. This is explained on the OpenIV site in greater detail here) & always, ALWAYS, make a backup!
    Before even starting to mod GTA in ANY way make a complete backup of your entire game folder (if you can), as you start to mod make backups of all files you mod before changing them. Make backups of .rpf archives before changing files within them (this, in my opinion is better than saving individual files (as long as you have the space to save the complete .rpf)). The more backups you have the less chance you have of losing all your mods & being forced to reinstall the game & start modding right from the beginning again. You do NOT want that to happen! Ever. Keep backups :thumbsup:

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