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Need help installing mods for Steam version

  • Hello all,
    I am trying to get some mods working on a friends pc who has the steam version while I have the Rockstar Social Club version.

    I installed RagePluginHook, OpenIV, Visualv, NaturalVision, Zbike addon pack and Ubludock's 50 car addon pack on my pc and archived all files to a 7zip archive. Send that over to my friend, but on his pc it looks like the modified update.rpf, common.rpf and DLC packs do not load. These files are in the mods folder from the OpenIV script.

    After this didn't work I thought it could be because the steam version has a different common.rpf and update.rpf, so I installed the mods with help of Teamviewer in a copy of his files, but it's still not working. All scripts load, but no graphics overhaul and no custom vehicles (even when trying to spawn them in with the RagePluginHook console).

    P.S. Yes it works perfectly on my own pc, but nothing seems to fix it on my friends pc, and the log files didn't help either because there are no errors.

    P.S. 2 @MaikelPlayz is the friend I'm talking about

    Thx in advance

  • Here are my log files, if anybody needs them:

    https://pastebin.com/PZ9xNtJX - ScriptHookV.log
    https://pastebin.com/xBaSrGX9 - ScriptHookVDotNet2.log
    https://pastebin.com/SZfpnMYZ - RagePluginHookLauncher.log
    https://pastebin.com/RNC7rA6Q - RagePluginHook.log
    https://pastebin.com/CqTu8e2s - OpenIV.log
    https://pastebin.com/KESDi8VR - asiloader.log
    https://pastebin.com/2d25ZEb5 - AOCS-1-8-2018.log
    https://pastebin.com/uZJvn7D6 - AdvancedHook.log

  • It looks like OpenIV downloads a different script version for Steam than when you have the RSC version. After we tried this both the addon cars and Graphics overhaul works.

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