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zmodele error please help

  • I modified some bodyparts and copied the properties of a material to another one so some plastic parts of the bodywork to have the same properties as the rest of if (hoping it will get painted with the primary color of the car). I didnt renamed any material any bodyparts and yet when i try to export to ytf files the zmodeler tells me it "cannot locate the scene nod "baller_hi" for export. file:GTARageExport.cpp line:107"

    can anyone tell me whats the problem?

    I haven't done any mods for GTA V before and its the first time i work with zmodeler3. i used zm2 a few years ago, but this error tell me nothing.

    Please give me any clues. Thanks.

  • You need to make sure that there is a dummy named baller_hi on the top of your hierarchy when exporting as baller_hi.yft.

  • @Oskar thanks

  • i also having same problem and i m also new to modding so please tell me the solution. i dont know what is heirachy so please help me. i want to modify a sofa of micheals house thats why i m asking.

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