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1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator

  • A new vehicle I did - Requested by my good friend ReNNie, I appreciate all his work and wanted to give him something back in form of this car. And I am not done yet, his wishlist is long :wink:

    alt text


    Decided to put it on Patreon for early access, just $1 so not a lot, get it if you want a good Cougar :grin:

    Have a good day!

  • @Zievs I wish I could give you a dollar a month, but I'm a bum, who still doesn't have a job (Parents want to focus on High School). But that doesn't mean I have nothing. I really hope for the best with this project, we need more oddball muscle cars in GTA 5 anyway and this one fits in perfectly! Best regards on this project!

  • Will be adding LODs today, then updating it on Patreon.

  • So excited for this car, my dad has had a clean 67 Cougar since before I was born. He used to pick me up from school in it lol

  • @Impactjunky Might go live sometime this week!


    alt text

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