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Vehicle Lights Brightness Question

  • Hi guys,
    I'm hoping someone would know if there is any way I can reduce the brightness of running lights on some add-on cars as well as the little lights some have on the sides as well etc.
    I have the 2 images below to show what I'm talking about cause I find it quite annoying and unappealing.
    I am looking for another way than editing the defaultlights in the visualsettings file as I have ELS and I'm not changing that.
    My question is to whether there is another way I can remove them from lighting up at all or reduce the brightness without affecting the actual car lights (headlights/indicators/brakelights etc). Should I try to edit the textures in the car's ytd files or perhaps lines in carcol file? Or is there stuff in the timecycles (not likely but never know. I'm not touching the postfx as I've tweaked that for my ELS as well). Would be great if someone with the know how or has encountered this before and fix this could shed some light on my problem (bu dum tish!)

    Cheers guys! (or gals!)

    alt text alt text

  • Noone know?

  • @johnnyenglish
    Open OpenIV go to mods\update\update\common\data
    open visualsettings.dat
    And search for car.defaultlight
    change to 1.50 and for night too...cheers

  • @OP_coop it also affect the siren light of the police car

  • @OP_coop Someone clearly didn't read my post.

  • There is only one other way and that is to edit the textures of the cars that are too bright, and make them darker.

    If those textures are not in the cars' ytd, you are out of luck.

  • This post is deleted!

  • ok if you're gonna reply saying edit the visualsettings file please don't bother. You clearly didn't actually read my post as I state I am not modifying that.

  • Banned

    tk0wnz is right, you'll have to edit the textures (if they exist) in the .ytd. No other way.

  • @johnnyenglish Doh to me then, i gotta admit to being dumb and completely misreading your post - well the part about visualsettings and you not editing it - i actually read it as you wanted to edit it hence my reply so apologies from me!!

  • I have tried editing textures but it doesn't work. They are just images and aren't what's emitting the light. Anyone know exactly how the <lights> section in the carcols.meta/ymt works. I've tried tweaking it before on some cars but doesn't seem to do anything.

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    Here is some useful info on carcols lights settings. I've edited them before (as I don't like bright red brake lights on the road behind me chasing my car) & as far as I understand them to work the settings control the light that eminates & lands on the ground & the vehicles surroundings etc (as mentioned, brake lights lighting the ground red behind the car. The way headlights shine on objects etc), not the way the light fittings themselves shine/look.

    For the blue challenger (your pic above) there are no textures in the .ytd that will affect the brightness of the parts of the lights you want to edit.

    Your only way is to edit that brightness is


    in, yeah, you know the file. Sorry, I don't know of any other way. :/

  • @johnnyenglish Images are what is emitting the light, it's just that it might not be the image you think it is, because there is no way to tell without editing the image and viewing the car in OpenIV with the new texture.

    However, since I made that challenger, I know exactly what part of what texture need to do to make it less bright. Just edit lights_lod0 and make the tiny part between the two black round things and the red square a lot darker:

    alt text


    ^ select this part in the original image via a rectangle, add new layer, fill with bucket and black color, set opacity to 50 or 60%, save as lights_lod0.png, import in OpenIV and check ingame.
    Report back.

    I have exactly teh same problem with those daytime running lights on most Audi's and this chally too. Bugs me but not to the extent of doing the edit.
    So would be interesting to see you doing it :)

  • Banned

    I stand corrected. Awesome, that means there is a glimmer of hope for some of the cars I need to edit too...maybe. @johnnyenglish Do let us know how you get on. Pics would be nice :thumbsup:

  • You'll have to give me a moment. Literally my game is now crashing while loading after I had not changed anything. I played one night now the game isn't working. Doesn't make sense. I can't even verify the game lol cause that crashes. Once I figure it out though I will do it. I wanna say @tk0wnz that my lights_lod0 file doesn't have those 2 horseshoe circles in them. Or is that what I'm supposed to add? Or just a darker square in that same spot cause that's what I've done. But can't test! Hope I fix this soon whatever it is.

  • If you modify these parameters in the addon, the people who do not use ELS will be penalized, you just have to modify this line in your visualsetting.

    #emissive bits
    car.defaultlight.day.emissive.on :

    this value does not affect the light,indicator ....

  • @RsMods You're a bit slow I think.

  • @johnnyenglish If this help message is useless for you, it will serve someone else!!!

  • @johnnyenglish You don't need to add those horseshoes, that is just the location you need to darken because the lights get there texture from that exact spot.

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