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Right Hand Drive Cars

  • @Reyser
    or whoever has information on creating vehicle packs.

    I'm trying to get right-hand drive cars into a vehicle pack to save DLC limit space ofc. I already have a DLC folder with left-hand drive that works perfectly so I narrowed my problem down to the vehiclelayouts.meta. What happens is that whenever I add vehicles and try to spawn into them, I spawn outside and the game crashes if I try to enter. I honestly have no idea how to edit vehiclelayouts even though I have a blank one from one of the forums I searched.

    Can anyone tell me what my mistake is and highlight it or show me an example?

    Link to mods used:
    2008 Honda Civic Type-R (FD2)
    2018 Honda Civic Type-R(FK8)
    2016 Honda NSX (NC1)

  • @EvolutionXIII give another names for vehicleyouts example vehiclelayouts_civicfd2.meta vehiclelayouts_civikfk8.meta vehiclelayouts_nsxnc1.meta then add them the dlc/common/data or where the your layouts there and open content.xml then add these lines


    <filename>dlc_whats your dlc name:/common/data/ai/vehiclelayouts_civicfd2.meta</filename>
    <overlay value="false" />
    <disabled value="true" />
    <persistent value="false" />



    <changeSetName>YOUR DLC NAME_AUTOGEN</changeSetName>
    <filesToDisable />
    <Item>dlc_YOUR DLC NAME:/common/data/ai/vehiclelayouts_civicfd2.meta</Item>
    <txdToLoad />
    <txdToUnload />
    <residentResources />
    <unregisterResources />

    and save its done you can use many vehiclelayouts at same time with this way



    look into the dlc on the Mazda RX7 Spirit R Type-A Series III (FD3S) 2002 [Add-On Tuning RHD Livery] v1.2 by [YCA]Vsoreny.

    You'll find he has added a vehiclelayouts.meta file containing the correct layout for right-hand steering.

    If you import that meta file into your own dlcpack (and refer to it in content.xml) you can add the LAYOUT_LOW_RHD in vehicles.meta.
    Then you'll be abe to run right-hand driven cars properly.

  • Thank you both so much. I took (too much) time learn about how all these mods work months ago but the vehiclelayouts.meta had always confused me.

    Both methods work great but I found ReNNie's to be more time-saving as I didn't have any other LHD vehicles using vehiclelayouts. Although F7YO method will come in handy as I find more cars that have vehiclelayouts so I'll definitely be using it soon

    For anyone who is trying to do this in the future, it's shockingly very easy. All you have to do is follow what ReNNie said and install

    1. Install the Mazda Rx7 (I ended up using its entire folder as a base for a RHD cars only addon) and use its vehiclelayouts.meta.

    2. Go into vehicles.meta and search for LAYOUT_LOW_ RHD Some cars a have different name to the one I highlighted in bold such as the 2016 Honda NSX (NC1) which has LAYOUT_LOW_ NC1. All that you need to do is change the NC1 to RHD and that's it.

    3. Go to context.xml and make sure you have this added:
      <filename>dlc:/data/ai/vehiclelayouts.meta</filename> (change the location to whatever you have it as)
      <overlay value="false" />
      <disabled value="true" />
      <persistent value="false" />

    After you have all that added all you have to do is follow step 2 for all future cars and that's it.

  • i have this same problem, the only thing is that im trying to put car mods into 5m server, what i have to do to make it work? i have problems only with rhd cars...

  • This post is deleted!

  • what do i add to the resource and where do i change it to apply it to a certain car

  • Can you add those cars into fivem??(with this technique) @EvolutionXIII @F7YO @ReNNie

  • @Grenadieru I know this is a year later but has anyone figured out how to add these kinds of cars into fiveM cause when I use the cars that were listed above my game ends up crashing.

  • Works the same way for fivem can confirm i made cars for a server and added some

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