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Menyoo New Update, some problems

  • Menyoo has just been updated, the game load perfectly, but nothing happens when I press F7, F8 or RB+DpadLeft

    Anyone having the same trouble?

  • @REYMEXzone I am trying it right know, I will keep you posted

  • @Derpy-Canadian thanks :D

  • @REYMEXzone Believe it or not.. it does NOT work

  • this update is rigged

  • he did mention "UNFORTUNATELY, THIS IS A SHV-INDEPENDENT VERSION." but we all have Scripthook V soo?

  • my SHV log does not even mention menyoo.

  • I know :c well, worth the shot haha

  • @REYMEXzone remove SHV it works

  • alt text

  • But what mods stop working if I remove SHV? :c

  • @REYMEXzone pretty much every lol

  • @REYMEXzone there was an update to menyoo again, re-add SHV

  • menyoo does not work with or without scripthook... its broken

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