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help installing mods again

  • okay so i used to be really good at installing gta 5 mods no stess, one day i deleted both the mod folder file and the gta 5 modded file i had (i had my gta 5 vanilla untouched file). i tried to get back in to modding after the doomsday update that was released recently. After that update my mods will not work at all no matter what i try.

    Oh also i could never get mods working with the social club launcher so i get a gta 5 no launcher and even on that the mods wont work now.

    Any help would be very much appreciated

    Thanks -Spected

  • @Spected-- That launcher issue sounds like you are using a cracked version of GTA V. Also have you checked for a version conflict between your game and scripthookv?

  • @Cyron43 I am not using a cracked version, i am using the disk version of gta 5.
    I am using the most recent version of scripthookv that i have found (their website) and my game is as far as i know up to date

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