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Trying to find Vehicle Carcols

  • Hello Everyone,

    I'm trying to replace some vehicle carcols, but they aren't appearing, if you could tell me if they are under something else, or if you could give me their code.

    Carcols.ymt's needed:

    • Sheriff2
    • Sheriff
    • Police2
    • Fbi2
    • Police3

    Thanks so much for any help provided!

  • @Jbox9999 said in Trying to find Vehicle Carcols:

    Are you installing to the right directory? here: update\update.rpf\x64\data

  • Yes I am, I've also tried the one in x64v. In further detail, I'm also trying to make a replace to add on pack.

  • Banned


      <id value="1"/>
      <timeMultiplier value="1.00000000"/>
      <lightFalloffMax value="80.00000000"/>...

    & 'police3'

      <id value="2"/>
      <timeMultiplier value="1.00000000"/>
      <lightFalloffMax value="80.00000000"/>...

    are definitely in 'carcols.ymt' stored here:


    Other location is:

    \mods\ x64a.rpf\data\carcols.ymt

    The other 3 (sheriff2, fbi2 & police2) use '0_default_modkit' (the default for cars with no modkit parts) rather than carcol settings that have their name.
    You can find what kit (if any) a car uses by checking it's '<kits>' setting in it's carvariations.ymt/meta


      <windowsWithExposedEdges />

    If you plan on modding/changing the settings under '0_default_modkit' (the one in carcols) be aware it will also change the settings for another 54 cars (that I notice in 'carvariations.ymt' also use it in their '<kits>' setting. Probably many more than that in the rest of the game too).
    Your best bet is to use the carvariations '<kits>' settings to direct your cars to their own individual self-made (copied & pasted/duplicated & renamed etc) carcol settings & then include both files in your add-on pack.

    Keep backups of everything & you have nothing to lose by experimenting :thumbsup:

    This thread has info that you may find interesting concerning modkit numbers having to be unique & the same in carcols as they are in carvariations etc. :thumbsup:

  • @Jbox9999 i could be wrong but think most of them are under
    GTA V>update>update.rpf>x64>data

    or possibly under....

    x64a.rpf > data

    Only had chance for a quick search but there is a search function in openiv

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