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  • Hi guys , Happy new Year and hope all is well

    Well i'm currently busy modeling a map from scratch , inspired by all the conspiracy theories about the "shadow government" experementing and designing weaponry in closed areas such as S4 and aria 51
    so i decided to make a "military island"

    It's a tropical island located in the bermuda triangle [well thats the idea] don't butcher me where i located the map :]
    i'm actualy busy with this mod for at least 10 months now from a complette noob about 3ds max , modeling , texturing and modding to a more wiser noob about 3ds max , modeling , texturing and modding , but remember im still a noob tho for i only released one mod ever in gta v so go easy

    What will the map contain ?
    Will drop feed screenshots in time

    it's going to be a ymap addon
    Still trying to figure out instanced grass and water blocks by the map helper script by Neos7
    The map is going to have lods
    The textures is embedded
    going to have static collision
    Vertex colors is fixed
    As you can imagine theres going to be litterly thousands of lights in this map so im busy trying to figure out to make the lights less buggy because the runway itself got lots of lights but theres a big bug bugging me , at certian angles the lights flicker , its not noticible with a small amount of lights but its very noticable with all these lights grouped together and some lights dont even cast a light al u see is the emmesive light , so at first i think its best to make this map more towards a daytime map

    Because the size of the map there won't be any scenarios sadly , because it got a boundry limit
    Some of my map props like vehicle models and weapon models are ripped from games such as BF and cod using ninjaripper and 3d ripper dx and im using alot of models from gta v

    As you can imagine this is alot of work from modeling to compiling it for the game
    Don't expect the map to be released anytime soon probably gonna take a few months before beta or alpha release, im hoping everything will work well in the end

    So tell me what you think about the idea
    I'm working around the clock to make sure the map looks a bit ok so expect screenshots comming very soon
    Peace !

  • Ok so i've taking a few screens hope you like it :p

    alt text
    the above image is at the east side of the island by the naval defenses and heliport
    alt text
    The above image is an underground hanger section [notice its from the online heist] it's just modified a litle bit so it could fit in my map
    alt text
    The above image is the weapon storage bunker connected to the hanger as seen above
    alt text
    The above image is one of the storage units containing the bombs for the drones

    So what u think :P ?
    Everything is going pretty well but im not sure how the game is going to run once im done
    just have to wait and see
    Expect more screens soon :]

  • @Sn3aKyFrEak lol i was actually considering making something like this myself. If you go on google earth you can get relatively detailed satellite imagery of Area 51. By using that you will be able to hopefully replicate the exact layout of the base or at least most of it. I say most of it because there are theories that the U.S. Air Force installed massive tunnel structures underground as base facilities and secret passageways to other military installations including tonopah test range, Edwards AFB, Nellis AFB, and even the White House.
    Google earth also has the ability to connect to sketch up and i’m pretty sure that there are some 3D models of the buildings. they dont have super hq detail to them but they do provide an idea on how everything should look. You can also search up areas of Area 51 3d models and you will find models with detailed background scenery, accurate terrain levels of the base, and the better ones have accurate buildings as well

  • @Sn3aKyFrEak I can try and help if you want

  • @wlupoli Hi thank you for the reply :D

    I'm thinking of doing an exact replica [sort of] of area 51 for my second project
    The thing is i already modeled the airport , docks , the main layout for the island and i moddeled the island as an tropical theme because i want to place it in the bermuda triangle theoretically , but the google earth idea is brilliant and i'm keen on doing something like that in my second project cuz i'm a huge fan of these conspiracy of 51 , s4 the story about Lazar and the whole alien coverup , and yes u can happily help me with my second project :] , cuz it's alot of work : p

    Now i sort of wish i did the aria 51 idea first lol :dizzy_face:

  • Hi guys got some more screens got some night images , its working well at this early stage but theres still alot of lights to be added so oh well here it goes
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    The below image is one of the taxiways going through the center of the map
    alt text

  • @Sn3aKyFrEak looks good

  • @wlupoli Tnx man :]
    alt text

  • @Sn3aKyFrEak Hi guys i started working on my map again was realy busy these past months , i will post more screens shortly but im working on an anoying bug , the game in certian angles of the map flickers at night because i think theres just too much lights for this map :/ but its not a serious problem the main island is almost done and im working on some extra things like the underground hangers ext but be certian to get more screens very soon , if theres someone that can help me with this weird visual bug of the lights that would be awesume peace :]

  • @Sn3aKyFrEak
    alt text
    So this is the main tunnel that is connected to all the underground jet hangers and facilities

  • @Sn3aKyFrEak
    This is 4 open and 2 closed underground hangers connected to the runway , designed when closed to remain out of sight for aerial surveillance
    alt text

  • Ok so this is some screens of the Docks of the island
    alt text
    alt text


    @Sn3aKyFrEak very nice work so far! any idea's on a release date? also, how far off the coast of the main island is it?

  • @Reacon hard to say because i'm really busy and i try to squeeze in time to continue my map , probably still a few months . Because the size of the map and amount of lights i placed it pretty far from the west coast of the map . I've tried placing it within the boundary limit of the scenarios but it sadly didn't fit and destroys the idea of it being an isolated military installation , if only the scenarios could work beyond the boundary limit but hey got to work with what you got :]


    @Sn3aKyFrEak nice!

  • Hi guys i'm back making my map, was extremely busy will drop feed some more screens

  • This looks amazing!

  • @Sn3aKyFrEak any progress ;P ?

  • @Shaezbreizh Hi bud yeah bit by bit, its just this is insanely alot of work so im squeezing the free time i have in to this map!

  • alt text
    alt text

  • Cool so i'm done with all the main areas, here is a satellite view of the whole map, still busy creating/exporting/importing some underground areas. It's a shame that i'l be done when the game is almost dead but hey, didn't expect this map will take me this long
    alt text

  • alt text

  • Expect the map to be live in a week or two.

  • Will release map once scripthook is updated :thumbsup_tone2:

  • @Sn3aKyFrEak The docks may make my eye's pop out :P ... any release update ?

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