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Frustrated dad please help :D

  • So, my son is obsessed with GTA V. His older cousins play it and got him hooked on it. He watches videos on youtube of mods, like changing your ped to spongebob etc.

    Generally speaking Im pretty PC literate, I've been gaming since Quake 2 on PC. I've never really been a modder or anything like that.

    For the life of me, I can't figure out how to get him to be able to be The Joker or Iron man etc.

    I am running on windows 10, game version 1.0.1290.1

    I've watched several videos, tutorials, readmes etc on the following:
    ScripthookV & the ScripthookVdotnet

    I have done everything literally to the T. Nativeui works fine, so far as i can tell. F4 and he can change into a boar or a chef or whatever. But I can't seem to get Addonpeds to work. He wants to be the joker.
    To be more specific, addonpeds is supposed to open an ingame menu i believe, when you press "L". Nothing happens.

    Please please save me, so I can get back to my own gaming.


    @Aitkensp said in Frustrated dad please help :D:

    Please please save me, so I can get back to my own gaming.

    That put a grin on my face :)

    I'm not on v1.0.1290.1 myself yet. But it could very well be that the AddonPeds mod isn't yet updated to the new game version. That would mean the menu part of it is broken (most updates have new and altered codepieces called "natives" in the exe thus sometimes breaking a specific mod using those codes)

    When you say 'F4 and...' you mean you have sjaak's trainer installed?

    Because that way, after you followed the normal steps to add a ped to the AddonPeds archive (meaning the model information is added inside a *.rpf archive and the meta lines are incorporated into an *.xml) and rebuild the dll... even if the 'L' won't bring up the menu, you could still spawn the ped by using the trainer's Spawn Model by Name option and then type in the filename you gave Joker.

    See, I'm not even using the AddonPeds Menu below

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Hope this helps!

    Oh, and when used in conjunction with Unknown's Character Swap script your son can even play missions and do cuts-scenes with the Added ped

  • no, i dont have sjaaks.
    The nativetrainer... doesnt F4? open that up ? XD
    That makes sense to me if addonpeds hasnt been updated, wish me luck explaining that to the little guy though lol!

    Perhaps I should get that? I was hoping maybe there was a way to do that with native since I already have that working. Do you or anyone else reading this have any working alternatives that I could use?

  • @Aitkensp Can you upload the contents of the ScriptHookVDotNet.log file to pastebin and post a link here? With that we can see if the AddonPeds script is working or not.

    Simple Trainer or any other trainer that can spawn peds by name would really be the only alternative. NativeTrainer can't do that.

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