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  • When I add dinput8.dll to my GTA 5 folder it won't help. Iv,e looked it up but it says that it's probably a mod I installed, not the dinput8.dll. I then reinstalled my whole GTA 5 game on steam, but when I add just the dinput8.dll file it stops working. Please help. P.S. When I Start the game it doesn't go to the loading screen it crashes when I click on the game from Steam and the shortcut.

  • @DerpCat5 dinput8.dll is just the hook between the game and scripthookV. You also need scripthookV of course and in case you want to run .net script mods you also need ScripthookVDotNet.
    Please read this -> https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/4935/readme-frequently-asked-questions-general-modding

  • Thanks, but when I downloaded FiveM my normal GTA 5 works perfectly, I even ran some mods on it, and everything checks out. Thanks for trying to help.

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