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[SCRIPT] Middle finger on foot?

  • Any way to do this? I have modding experience but almost zero scripting knowledge. If someone would point me in the right direction I might try adding this myself. Though I would have to get into GTA V scripting first.

  • Damn this mod sounds good, but as I'm new to scripting I have no idea how to do this. if we could just figure out the nae of the action that does this (were you thinking that the mod would only do the animation, or would peds react to it aswell)

  • @Phnx I thought you could already do middle finger on foot?

  • @Think_Tank Nope only in/on a vehicle. You can do various gestures in Online and Director Mode but peds don't react to that.

  • I like that. :thinking:

  • Yup, this is pretty easy to do. All you have to do is apply a middle finger animation to the player. Here is a sample script that you can save as a .cs file and put it in your scripts folder to test out (activate it by pressing J in-game):

    using GTA;
    using System;
    namespace TheBird
        public class TheBird : Script
            public TheBird()
                Interval = 500;
                Tick += OnTick;
            private void OnTick(object o, EventArgs e)
                if (Game.IsKeyPressed(System.Windows.Forms.Keys.J)) {
                    Game.Player.Character.Task.PlayAnimation("nm@hands", "middle_finger", 2, 750, true, 1);

    The animation I'm using has the player stick his hands to his sides with the middle fingers out (see the screenshot). You can go through the animations list, though, and see what better matches what you wanted it to look like :)

    Franklin flipping the bird

    Here's a list of all the animations: http://docs.ragepluginhook.net/html/62951c37-a440-478c-b389-c471230ddfc5.htm

    And here's a video demonstrating what the animations look like:

  • @rappo Wow, thanks for the help! Actually, what I meant was "middle finger in a vehicle/on a bike" (aiming unarmed), meaning not only the animation but also forcing the ped reaction (provocation). :)

  • @rappo Thaaanks! :D

    Also, can I use "Game.Player.Character.Task" for "PlaySpeech" or play "PlayAmbientSpeech"? I'd like to add the "GENERIC_INSULT_MED" speech to the animation.

  • You actually Can use your middlefinger on foot in online

    Just go "actions", then select "The bird" (I think) Then in game press 'CapsLock"

  • @CookPiggy Yeah, that's the same thing as in Director Mode. But there's no speech and peds aren't being provoked.

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