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WTH is going on?

  • I've been trying to get my grand theft auto to work for days now. ON 2 pcs it does not work even with the same mods I have been using for ages. I'm clueless once again, 220 hours just on gta5 for modding and then this bs happens....

    Here is a video of the game crashing when I start single player, and i also show every single mod I am using in my gta. I'm clueless atm, I have tried everything apart from reinstalling which I don't want to do. Steam validated the files and no problems were found. Heres a photo of my scripts folder and my gta5 dir.

    is currently uploading, it should be up within 5 mins



    Take out your scripts (rename the folder) and disable add-on dlcpacks temporarily from dlclist.xml.

    Does it run then?

    Either a script is crashing the game or you're running more add-on's then v1.42 can facilitate perhaps

  • I got it working on my second pc, it was due to having too many addons... I only had natural vision stuff and wov, and maybe 3-5 car addons and that crashes my game? That is strange....

    However on my main pc I still get the instant crash to desktop even if my addons and scripts are disabled too.

  • @Flukester69 Do you have a gameconfig installed? Perhaps you're crashing because you need one.

  • Well this is all of the mods so far, apart from scripts which seem to be working fine on my other pc

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