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Property bought every time i press B

  • My GTA 5 is updated
    Not sure which mod it is
    My mods:
    Car Dealer
    Yacht deluxe
    working taco trucks
    rain effects
    GTA comes alive
    weather forecast
    drag meets
    home invasion
    sitting mod
    hot coffee
    off road traffic
    Single player benny's original motor works
    premium deluxe motorsport
    no explosion on crash
    Better chases+Arrest warrant
    Hollywood rollover
    Cops (Literally don't even know what this mod is)
    Pull me over
    Lively World
    San Andreas Lotto
    GTA 5 gang mod
    Real life mod 2
    Delivery missions
    Repo Missions
    Trucking missions
    Custom trucking missions

    Everytime i press B in game $50K gets taken away from me and it says "property bought"

    The thing is i don't have any mod that would do anything like that.. i had single player apartments but removed it because i thought that mod was causing it but it wasn't the problem.

    What mod is it?? Does anyone have a mod that does this or had a mod that done this? I can't use my gangs mod :(

  • It was the trucking missions, apparently you can buy property lol.

  • @Frooty I was suffering from the same problem. Thanks for the solution !! :D

  • hahaha I finally found a solution cheer lads

  • Please, how to resolve this cheat?

  • @littlefilms lease, how to resolve this problem ?

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