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Snowmobile (Like real one)

  • So I was wondering is there is a way to make snowmobile's tracks work for first of all.
    Then I noticed that there was recently released a vehicle that works as like a real life one with tracks https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/jeep-cherokee-xj-snowhawk-edition-replace and I simply love it. I love it so much. Thank you @bagged

    But to the point;

    There is one snowmobile for V already made by @KAFAROS which is a nice addition already.

    But I was wondering how about taking this to next level, a real life model, maybe an Arctic-Cat or a Ski-Doo? and working tracks.. Now that would be something. If I had time at the moment, I would start researching this immediately and do it for the community, all of us. Since I haven't got much time now (started UNI studies this tuesday) I am asking if anyone elses interested or maybe having a hunch already how to do this..


    There is a model for a game called Farming Simulator 2017 but I'm not sure who is the author of it.

  • It's quite easy. You just need to apply a specific material shader to the tracks and edit "strModelFlags" in handling.meta

    To make it easy, just copy those strModelFlags of the Rhino or any other tracked vehicle and it should work.

  • @Alekseyys just as @SkylineGTRFreak said it's just a matter of putting a shader material on the tracks and they work fine.

    this is my snow mobile i did like 12 months ago video below:

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