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Unlocking the 20-Car Garages in SPA!


    meimeiriver said in Unlocking the 20-Car Garages in SPA!:

    Now, there's one more you should add to this list:
    GARAGESTYLE "Garage Style"

    That variable is a bit wonky, though, and its text tends to protrude thru all menu items, and even map entries (!). There must be an overflow of sorts going on (but I can't figure out why or where). So, you may just have to keep it very short (in my own recompiled version I just hard-coded the text)

    @ImNotMentaL Now, see, this is what I was talking about in my start-post:


    (This occured with the dll supplied by you)

    The text 'tyle Garage Style' protrudes thru most strings, even those of the map! (Sic!) That's probably because you use 'GarageStyle' for other things too, like:

            StyleMenu = New UIMenu("", GarageStyle.ToUpper, New Point(0, -107))

    So, I just left GarageStyle undefined in america.cfg, and hard-coded the text where I needed it, like:

            itemStyle = New UIMenuItem("GARAGE STYLE")

    Fugly as hell, of course. :) But I figured you'd get to it, eventually.

  • apologies for bumping an old topic, but it's only because I'm so thankful to @meimeiriver for his contribution to Single Player Apartment, I have to say thank you!
    I've downloaded 5 or 6 different garage mods which are supposed to make the executive office garages work in singleplayer. NONE of them work correctly with the latest version of GTAV. they ALL have problems that either prevent vehicles from correctly saving or conflict in some way with my other mods (like Benny's SP, Hangars SP, Casino SP, After Hours SP, etc). I finally got exhausted of all the failure and decided to search the forums for some kind of solution. this method from @meimeiriver is the ONLY thing that has worked so far. I actually couldn't believe it. like it's too good to be true.

    @meimeiriver said in Unlocking the 20-Car Garages in SPA!:

    Okay, I will explain it here. I have indented all code lines here with 8 spaces, otherwise this forum doesn't show things properly. Use your own fave text editor to remove those before adding them! And be sure to make a backup first!
    I think I covered everything for a non-recompiled version. The menus may show you things like "Office Garage 2", but really only 1 garage is defined. For my own compiled version, I extended this to 3; but, for obvious reasons, I can't redistribute the new dll file.

    Have fun; and let me know if I forgot something.

    everything seems to work so far! I also downloaded SPA 1.10 from this thread thanks to @ImNotMentaL which works, too! I can't believe how simple this method was compared to how much difficulty I had with the other mods I tried first. there's only one question I still have. can we unlock the other office garages using this same method? does this method work for Arcadius or Maze Bank (downtown) or Lombank? that would be amazing. again, I'm sorry for bumping such an old topic, but I had to say thanks. if there is a newer version of this topic that I missed, please feel free to redirect me.

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