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Unlocking the 20-Car Garages in SPA!

  • meimeiriver said in Unlocking the 20-Car Garages in SPA!:

    Now, there's one more you should add to this list:
    GARAGESTYLE "Garage Style"

    That variable is a bit wonky, though, and its text tends to protrude thru all menu items, and even map entries (!). There must be an overflow of sorts going on (but I can't figure out why or where). So, you may just have to keep it very short (in my own recompiled version I just hard-coded the text)

    @ImNotMentaL Now, see, this is what I was talking about in my start-post:


    (This occured with the dll supplied by you)

    The text 'tyle Garage Style' protrudes thru most strings, even those of the map! (Sic!) That's probably because you use 'GarageStyle' for other things too, like:

            StyleMenu = New UIMenu("", GarageStyle.ToUpper, New Point(0, -107))

    So, I just left GarageStyle undefined in america.cfg, and hard-coded the text where I needed it, like:

            itemStyle = New UIMenuItem("GARAGE STYLE")

    Fugly as hell, of course. :) But I figured you'd get to it, eventually.

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