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Corrupt Folder with Open IV 2.9.2

  • Yesterday I had a serious problem with Open IV, when I tried to open x64v folder, Open IV showed me a "corrupt file" poster. OMG!

    I didn't know how to fix the issue, ending with uninstall GTA V and lost all peds were installed.

    My question has two parts:

    1.- Can a make a backup of Mod Folder? for example, daily, or each time I add a new ped? With any special program, or "copy and paste"?

    2 .- If I'll have "corrupt folder" again, may I delete that corrupt folder, but how can I do to open Open IV and make it recognize all the content of the backup file?

    Thanks friends.


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    I use WinRAR as it's right-click shell integration allows you to right-click a .rpf archive & select 'add to archive'. Archive backed up in 2 mouse clicks. (7Zip work too. it's really a matter of preference).
    Making a backup of your entire 'mods' folder each time you make an edit will be far too time consuming (although it is a good idea to backup the entire 'mods' folder from time to time).
    If you have WinRAR installed you can backup an archive very easily like this:

    If you run into any trouble after that (corrupt archives etc) all you do is find the .rar archive, right-click it & select 'extract here...'. it will ask you to confirm overwriting the corrupted etc archive. Do so & the .rpf will be repaired to a working state.

  • Excellent your answer quality! Happen when you put a new ped, you change several sub-folders of Mod: Maybe, mppatches and patchday3ng and patchday6ng and x64v.

    Unfortunately, a ped isn't in a single folder. It would be much easier. :-(

    If I understand you in the right way, the idea would be to make a backup of each subfolder that was changed and not a 100% backup of Mod "Master" Folder.

    Good idea!

    Very, very thanks JonaQ

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    Yeah, you got me :thumbsup: Generally you will be backing up a single .rpf archive at a time.
    Usually one of these:
    or the dlc.rpf archive in the patchday*ng or any add-on folders.

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