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My GTA V won't start up.

  • So I got the latest update. I updated scripthookv and scripthookdotnet but my game fails to start up. Please watch the 2 minute long video to see what exactly is going on. In the video I show my mods and the error itself...


    Mods I have and you can't see on the video:

    • beta vegetation & props
    • some BMW and Audi replacement car mods (not add-on)
    • add-on peds (Battlefield 4 soldiers)

    (These mods used to work flawlessly on previous game version so it's not the mods which are faulty)

    Why won't my GTA start? :(

  • Heey @Tengerecki i have i been trying to fix it for a long time haven`t found anything so if you find me please tell me
    thank you

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