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[PAINTJOB] [SCRIPT] [VEHICLE] The GTA Online Discord needs your help.

  • Hey, guys!

    I'm the head admin of the GTA Online Discord. We're currently home to over 23,000 members and counting. As the title suggests, we need your help.

    I'll get right to the point:

    We're creating a FiveM server that is based on an idea one of our partners had. Long story short, they want a small server, we want it to be accessible to our growing player base, so we've agreed to co-exist and occasionally exchange resources.

    The server will be a lore-friendly, lighthearted RP that doesn't cause cringe attacks server featuring jobs, currency, purchasable properties & vehicles and a lot of other content to explore. You'll start with nothing and progress to a car, house and more via many means, such as being a simple taxi driver all the way to being part of gangs. It's planned to make it SA:MP esque, meaning that there'll be multiple factions including cops, civilians & multiple gangs. You'll be able to have a normal life as a civilian that's not boring like on most current FiveM RP servers, be a cop and keep Los Santos safe, or be in one of the criminal factions. In other words, and I'll quote the other's project for this:

    "[...] it will be the experience GTA: Online should have been."

    This is where you come in:

    We're looking for 3D modelers, Coders & Texturers to work on the project. If you wish to help, DM me here on the forum, add me on Discord (Funnypig#7230) or ping me on our Discord Server. We'll keep you updated on the development in our #fivem & #fivem-changelog channels. To gain access, type !join fivem once you join our Discord Server and have assigned yourself a platform role via !join PC.
    I want to make it clear that this project still is at the very beginning of its development, so you will have to be patient, as there's no release date yet.

    Here's a link to a board where all of our currently planned features are listed (WIP)

    Lastly, if you want to suggest features, read the board above and then comment on the designated card on this board

    That's all for now, folks.

    Funnypig :pig:

  • @Funnypig Good luck ! looking forward to playing in ur server.

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