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Looking for addons.

  • Hey guys I just got gtav loaded up on my computer again
    So far I want to add these mods.

    Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement v1.402
    Better Deformation + More Durable Cars 0.4b
    Gang Wars 1.2
    Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul - E.R.O
    Realistic Driving V v2.4
    Mobile Radio 1.1
    I might get a gun mod that adds more recoil because I do not like the recoil in this game. I might be good with that first mod though.

    I am looking for a mod that I seen in the past where cars will drive not like crazy but normal where there is sometimes accidents sometimes people speed up slow down and makes the driving more realistic. I remember seeing one time in GTAV where a car accidently bumps into a cop car and the cops follow him down and chase him.

    With this game I just sometimes to like to watch my surroundings do not even play.

    I looked up a few things without no avail.

    I want to make a playthrough where the game is a realistic as possible in that sense or it brings back feelings of past GTAS
    After I am done I will probably get modded missions DLC stuff and play GTA online and GTA RAGE MP
    I will check out addons that add more peds or peds that do unique ai things like the addon I am trying to find. If you got any suggestions im all ears.
    Also I want to get play as a cop or taxi or firefighter ambulance etc
    I will get those eventually.

    Can you tell me if any of these conflict with each other? Or is there a better version than the ones i downloaded.

    I want to come here before I start my playthrough because it will probably take a while to mod the game

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