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[VEHICLE] [RELEASED] 2004 Range Stormer Concept

  • 2004 Range Stormer Concept
    (Released, download free on facebook)

    Loved this concept wanted it for ages and finally did it :D

    alt text

    alt text

    The Range Stormer concept car, introduced at the 2004 North American International Auto Show. This was a low-slung, short wheelbase 3-door coupè that was unusually "sporty" in the context of Land Rover's history. The marque's first complete concept car sported split-folding gullwing doors, one-piece skeletal seats, a "clamshell" hood, 22 inch alloys, a 289 km/h top speed, 370bhp V8, 4WD and a 2500 kg weight. The Range Rover Sport was comparably of much more conservative design featuring five doors and a wheelbase hardly shorter than that of the Range Rover Vogue. A replica of the Stormer was built by West Coast Customs of Corona, for a Crown Prince of Dubai, on the occasion of opening West Coast Customs Dubai; the replica had several notable differences from the stormer, and was eventually resprayed white, a stormer replica based on the newer range rover has also been produced.

    The Original Range Stormer is now on display at the Heritage Motor Centre in the UK, in video games the suv only ever appeared as a destroyed vehicle in 'collapse' and as a drivable vehicle in the 'Gran Turismo' series and 'Ford Racing Off Road', and now Grand Theft Auto V.

    alt text

    alt text

    -Note: All facebook released vehicles are FREE and available to download on facebook, there is no paywall, all cars are hosted on mediafire so there is no adwall either, the only catch is they are ONLY available in the group as I no longer upload to anywhere else-

    Go to the "files" section to find the downloads once you have joined
    Link -> https://www.facebook.com/groups/1632147563687893/

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • @AuthorSaulAlan said in [VEHICLE] [RELEASED] 2004 Range Stormer Concept:

    2004 Range Stormer Concept

    Stormer looks awesome dude. I'll join your FB group once I remember what my log-in is ;)

  • @krissboo Haha ooo the joy of passwords haha,
    my new favorite mod, i know i get a new favorite every other week but still i love it xD

  • @AuthorSaulAlan Haha, I managed to log in and then remembered it's a new account I set up cause my old one is full of people I don't like anymore ;) It's empty as I'm really not a FB user these days but at least I can grab some of your mods again.

    The Stormer deserves to be a favourite for sure, and yeah I'm like that - a new favourite every time I play GTA lol

  • @krissboo Haha best thing not to have it, terrible time consuming drama causing site, a fake account is useful tho for things like downloading a few mods :shrug_tone4:

    My problem is i get a new favorite halfway through making a mod :rolling_eyes: xD

    alt text

    Then i end up with random experiments that didn't quite work xD

    alt text

  • @AuthorSaulAlan Yep that pretty much sums up FB these days - full of "look at me" posts that aren't actually that interesting (actually it's always been like that lol)

    Is that a Classic British Pub Car Park map you're working on?

  • @krissboo yeah lol

    and yep, it was, one of a couple of british ones I was working on the other month, housing estate, pub, etc, but I was experimenting trying to do it an easier method and I had no success, just doesn't work properly, only good for screenshots :/ to much hassle doing it the proper map creating way sooo another one in the unfinished pile :(

  • @AuthorSaulAlan That's a real shame as it would be fun to see that in game, but as I can only just about manage to re-texture some t-shirts I totally understand how hard these things are to make.

  • @krissboo Ah well maybe one day, I haven't given up hope on there being a simpler way lol usually always is with these things, in the meantime, moar carz 'tis alt text


    @AuthorSaulAlan 2 Door Range Rover cool bro

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