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[VEHICLE] Skyline R32 GT-R (Proper) Pandem Widebody Kit

  • Hi all !
    Can someone make the R32 GT-R in a proper version ? There is some R32 actually but not a very good quality so... maybe 4K model from Forza or whatever ?
    And also i wanted the Pandem Widebody kit (in simple model or in custom piece, as you wish)
    you can see here an exemple of this perfect body

    ![0_1516213654180_upload-83a094a5-efb1-4e9a-96b5-9ab167464a95](Uploading 100%)

    Thanks you all ! <3

  • Hey !
    I Also find this
    Its a GTA SA model so it's not very good but maybe if someone can get the R32 Model from Forza, and use the GTA SA model to make the same kit on it, it can be reaaally great !

  • I've found some pretty good model of this car converted from Forza 7. I'm still wondering if it is possible to add this body kit as Forza already has this body kit in the game?

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