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Unable to spawn Smugglers Run or Doomsday items

  • Hello

    Not sure if anyone can help with this but i'd be grateful if anyone has any ideas. Sorry in advanced if i've missed anything obvious

    Since the doomsday update i'm not able to spawn the latest DLC weapons or vehicles (e.g. Single action revolver, mammoth thruster etc.) using trainers. I've tried several trainers and in every case the items just don't appear - no error message, or crash, just nothing happens. DLC older than Smugglers run seems to spawn with no problems.

    I remade my dlclist using a dlclist generator - this dlclist made things worse as i couldn't spawn ANY DLC vehicles at all.

    I tried removing all of my addons from the dlclist which allowed me to spawn all DLC weapons and vehiicles- except the game would crash whenever i entered one these vehicles (any DLC vehicle - executive, smugglers run, doomsday, import export, gun runners).

    The only way i've managed to make it work properly is by having an unmodified dlclist and gameconfig file - but this prevents me from using other mods.

    Hope that made sense, thanks in advance if anyone has any ideas

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