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Script Mods (.dll) NOT working

  • Hello everyone I just need hopefully some quick help. So ive been modding gta 5 for years and before I used many script mods that are .dll that do in the scripts folder. I know about scripthook V and the dot net which I have updated. what seems to be the problem now is I forgot where some things go and I'm literally getting a different story everywhere I look. I need to know where to put native ui, the actual .dll files. some say addins within scripts and some people say just scripts and some even say just directory. Ive literally tried about every single location for multiple .dll mods I use and no matter what none of them work. everything else works fine and it doesn't show any errors in the logs. Just wondering how to get these .dll mods working.

    Thanks for any help


    *.asi mods go in the main GTA V folder
    *.dll mods go in the scripts folder inside the GTA V folder

  • Yes I know that. My asi mods work fine and I cannot get any .dll mods to work even though they are in the scripts folder.

  • @nelskt1 What @ReNNie said plus: things like NativeUI are not mods but helper libraries and where they belong to depends whether they come with a .net script mod (dll referencing shvdn) or an asi mod. All libraries which are used by .net mods belong in the scripts folder. All others in the root directory of the game even though they are dlls. A big help is to always read the installation instructions of the mods. Usually they can be found as ReadMe.txt or a PDF file as part of the download. If, however, you download a mod without any documentation, you should throw it right into the trash. A developer who is too lazy to write a sufficient documentation is likely also too lazy to write proper code.

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