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No mods working with the new game patch from dec. 2017

  • Hi everyone,

    maybe anyone of you knows the answer and can give an advice:
    since I installed the newest game version from december no vehicle mods are working. Not even mods that were uploaded 3 or 4 days ago (of which I assume to be already programmed for the latest game version). As soon as I add the typical line in the dlcxml the game doesn´t start anymore. It always says" game data are damaged" and I should use this verify option. And also this ends up with the same error message after 5 minutes. The only possibility to get the game started again is to delete update.rpf and replace it by the native one, I fortunately secured in an extra folder (even deleting the added item lines doesn´t work)
    On the other hand the native trainer that came together with the new scripthook version works fine, GOD mode, spawning original cars and weapons...
    Is anybody here having the same problem or even could fix it?

    Thanks to everyone who can help,

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