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I am not sure if I have installed any modified files and I want to play Online without getting banned

  • I want to play Online without getting banned and I am not sure if OpenIV is still affecting my game .So if I uninstall OpenIV from my computer and verify my game data will I be able to play online without getting banned? (I play on the disc version of the game using social club not steam)

  • @Scrap-E As long as you haven't modified any original data and use the Mods folder instead, you are good to go if you just temporarily move out dinput8.dll.

  • there is no need to uninstall OpenIV. go to OpenIV, open Grand Theft Auto V at OpenIV, go to Tools, click on ASI Manager, and uninstall everything to play online. but to be sure you wont get banned put your GTA V mods in another file.

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