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[VEHICLE] Bloodring Banger Glendale

  • In GTA SA and GTA VC there was this demo derby car called the Bloodring Banger, fun fact I always though it said badger, any way for those who may not remember it here it is. banger

    SO! I made one with Menyoo's Object Spooner and it looks okay, but I would like someone to take the Glendale that's in the game right now and make a livery version complete with more form fitting roll bars, and if possible make it where the enter animation is hoping through the windows.
    gta v banger spooner

  • That is a freaking AMAZING idea! We have always needed demolition derby vehicles in this game, it's a shame rockstar would rather give us OP weaponized cars instead of actually fun non lethal cars. I would also assume this would come with extra mass like the Armored Karuma or the Duke o death?

  • @cammedup I guess it would have added weight. Be great to have a demo ring as well and even a server on FiveM.

  • there was 2 different bloodring banger cars you could get in vice city they would be cool in gta 5

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