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Modding Tutorial?? - Online safe - GTAV Copy Folder.

  • **

    • **Im having way more difficutly then i should when reading these tutorials for modding gtav...
      I want to 100% be sure that im not going to get banned, and evertime it runs with social club which I have to exit because i might get banned lol.
    • I made a whole Copy of GTAV and placed outside Steam Folder.
    • I Change OpenIV Directory to the New Copy of " D : \ GTA V Modded"
      Because I did this I dont need a Mods Folder and { I do not want to use Mods Folder}, But everytime it runs it needs steam still and thus online is connecting still . Please Help. Thank you**.**

  • @LLx92 Well, if you want to play online, you have to use the mods folder.

  • @Akila_Reigns I thought if you add anything to the directory other then what is original you get banned. . can you be more clear or helpful please. thanks.

  • @LLx92 Read my tutorial click here.
    If you still have problems, tell me.

  • @Akila_Reigns ScriptHook and Comunity Script Hook , ASI Loader , Open IV Asi > Go in Main Directory..

    Now I did this  Made a mod folder , and now if i play online My Directory is Not "Original" ... ? will i get banned..

    Can I safely Launch GTAV Online With SCriptHook's and ASI' In main directory ) Mod Folder Empty (

    **For Asi Mods , Where do they Go ? GTAV > Mods > ASI > Mod.ASI ? (Inside folder within Mods Folder ) or GTAV > Mod.ASI ( Main directory)

  • @LLx92 When you mod a rpf file, paste the original in the mods folder.
    Example: mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpluxe2\dlc.rpf
    And put asi files inside the main GTA V folder.
    You need scripthookV asi loader to load .asi files, and to load the modded rpfs, you need OpenIv.asi, so you need scripthookV.
    scripthookVDotnet is used to liad .dll files such as trainers, scripts etc.
    And yes, if you use the mods folder, you can safely play online.

  • what you said this on your tutorial " You need to place the RPF files you modded inside the mods folder. Here are few examples. "

    now you say put orignal RPF inside the mod folder?

  • @LLx92 Whoops, my mistake. Put the modded rpfs in the mods folder. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Also I cant figure out how to Launch my Seperate GTAV Directory .. Do you have any ideas on this ?

    1. It wont launch without steam
    2. I would have to Rename my orignal Directory to something else to make it work i think.. and rename the modded one to Original Name..?
    3. I think i can Move DInput8.DLL - the DLL That Recognizes Mods ( Move it in and out when I want to go online ) so IT doesnt Launch Mods * If i want to throw all my mods into the Original GTAV *

  • @LLx92 When playing online, you can use ASI Manager any time to switch between mods and original game. You don't need to remove “mods” folder every time.

  • @Akila_Reigns All i get for Asi Manager is the option to Uninstall... ? - BTW Asimanager is Just Dinput8.dll

  • @LLx92 I have Rockstar Warehouse version, I don't know much about steam. And you can go to OpenIv's Asi manager and remove asi loader and OpenIv.asi when playing online. Install it back when playing offline with mods.
    That's the asi loader, Dinput8.dll.

  • ok thanks this helped , But now this mod " NativeTrainer.asi " Is not loading when i press F4 .. here is my directory.
    ****I think my Problem was No ScriptHook. should be fixed now
    alt text

  • @LLx92 I don't see ScriptHookV.dll.
    Just to make sure, remove dinput8.dll and use dsound.dll.
    And also did you use **** in your post to make the following words a bold, italic, heading or something??

  • @Akila_Reigns I have no idea how i made the black background coding box thingy above , > <pre><code> [ TexT ] </code></pre>

    <pre><code>testing 1 2 3 </code></pre>

    Hmm still not working , i have no idea but it does look cool.. sorry but thats all i can see from inspecting element.

  • @LLx92 You can use JavaScript. Use three back-ticks then type javascript then press enter and type what you want in the next line, again press enter and type three back-ticks.

    Hello World!

  • @Akila_Reigns --

     thanks i got it woo ```

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