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Added A Car, Game Crashes

  • Hey Guys!
    So before I address my issue I am going to point out that I am NEW to modding so I might not be able to follow your instructions as well so it would be great if you explain it the ''NOOB'' way :)
    Okay let's get to the issue. So today I was playing around and wanted to install some mods, got 3 car mods from RMOD Customs. The Centenario, M4 GTS and the Supra MKIV. The first two worked perfectly fine, all the customisations were working perfectly fine, the sound etc etc. However when it came to the Supra, the game crashed while loading into story mode. I have everything needed, up to date gameconfig etc. I tried uninstalling it and installing it again the way it was told to do in the ReadMe, still had the issue. Any fix to this issue? Thanks in advance!

  • @Volby Lets face it. Some mods are just crap. I've also had one or another that crashed my game. I remove them and life goes on.

  • @Cyron43 I understand but that mod is from a well known creator, so I am assuming there is a side issue. I guess I will listen to your tip and carry on with life until someone figures out the issue :D

  • @Cyron43 welp, you're a life saver! It just seemed like the mods I was using just were ''too big'' for it to be able to have more cars than two. Carrying on with life is sometimes the best fix :D Massive props to you brother.

  • @Volby Thank you. :)
    BTW not all gameconfigs work well. Have you tried this one -> https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gameconfig-xml-dilapidated
    This is by far the best.

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